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There are many questions that often come up again and again in this industry, which is why we decided to create a list of the most frequently asked questions from our clients. From which kinds of materials we work for, to how quickly we deliver our projects, take a look at a few questions and answers below. If you still have a question, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Is Irish Excavation a licensed contractor with the state of California?

Absolutely! Our license number is 1084826 and you can easily check the status online through the CSLB's website. We are also bonded, insured, and carry workers compensation for our employees. We have a General A Engineering license, a General B Building license, a C-12 Earthwork License, and a HAZ certification.

Why is it important to choose a licensed contractor for your project?

Although having a license does not guarantee a specific level of service, it does offer the consumer and the contractor several layers of protection in the event that something does not go according to plan.

What is so important about Weed Abatement?

Other than being a legal requirement from your city or county jurisdiction, it is very important to take weed abatement measures seriously. After the rains have concluded for the year, normally in May, it is important to keep dry vegetation to a height that is less than 6", especially near property lines and around structures. We follow the guidelines set by the local jurisdiction to keep you off of the monitoring program.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We have been able to amass a growing inventory of specialty equipment for all of the various types of work that we take on. We own various tractors and are always on the lookout for acquiring the latest equipment to fit our needs and get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

For any further questions contact our office and let one of our staff members assist you.

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